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I strongly believe that..

If we can learn to shift our focus solely from LOSING weight to LIFTING weights we would feel more confident and empowered by what we can do in the gym and in life. It is my mission to help you learn how to honour, trust and respect your body all while creating a better relationship with yourself through weightlfting and movement practices.

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in-person COACHING

Coaching programs designed for those who like the idea of having a scheduled session to receive that real-time feedback and also want that extra accountability outside of their sessions.

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Coaching programs designed for those who like the idea of having flexibility in their schedule to workout on their own time and still want that extra accountability and support.

hey there!

i’m Mia

A passionate fitness coach who is on a mission to help women become more in tune with their bodies all while becoming the strongest version of themself. I believe that being strong is more than just physical and encompasses mental and emotional strength as well, which is what I have helped women just like you achieve!

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This is the ultimate beginners guide to strength training, where I give you all of the info, tools and resources you need in order to get started on your health and fitness journey. This guide is packed with expert tips and step-by-step instructions to help you become your most confident and strongest self in and out of the gym.
Download now to kickstart your fitness journey and unleash your full potential!

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How Perfectionism Hinders Your Progress

Hey Squad!  I wanted to chat about a few specific traits that perfectionists have – whether you consider yourself one or not. Some of these traits and tendencies can hold you back or hinder you when it comes to your health and fitness goals. What are those traits, and how

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it is much more empowering to focus on what our bodies are capable of vs. solely what they look like.

Let me know if you can relate…

You’re lacking the knowledge on what it is that you should be doing in the gym…
You’ve watched random YouTube exercise videos but still aren’t sure that you’re doing it right…
You’re scared of injuring yourself or worse making a fool of yourself…
You’re tired of not feeling confident in your abilities…
You’re not looking to spend 6 days a week in the gym to make progress…
You’re struggling to keep yourself accountable and motivated…

We can change that together!

You can become the strong and confident woman you’ve always dreamed of becoming. And I can help!




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